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Accessories: Punctuation for Summer Outfits

To put it simply, accessorising is the difference between looking dressed and looking polished. You can throw on a trouser suit and look smart and ready for work but add an accessory or two with the perfect lipstick and perfume and you make the outfit your own. Accessories differentiate your look from everybody else's and allow you to get so much more out of your wardrobe. 

Think of accessories as the punctuation in an outfit. Whether it's a classic leather belt or an eye-catching pair of earrings, they add structure and relevance. Accessories also ensure you don't look too "straight out of the box". 

This summer, there are options a-plenty for effortless elevation of your dresses, shorts and trousers and with a few well chosen pieces you'll double the number of outfits you can create over the next few months.

Here are a few suggestions of accessories to invest in:

1. Bags

Everybody loves a straw or raffia basket bag; the natural shade goes with everything, they're roomy enough to hold a light jacket and a change of shoes and they never go out of style. Personalise yours or add a touch of glam by attaching a corsage or a colourful scarf to the handles.

In the evening go for a small crossbody in a metallic colour for another versatile choice (the perfect festival accessory as it's light and won't get in the way of your dance moves or your drink).  

Metallic crossbody bag for summer

2. Hair pieces

Whether it's a faux flower, a ribbon bow or a scrunchie, this season's hair accessories are cheap, cheerful and probably to be found in the back of one of your drawers, making them a cost of living crisis win for your summer wardrobe.

3. Jewellery

Layer it up! An open neckline is a blank canvas for strands of pretty necklaces. If boho isn't your thing, then a chunky statement style will look elegant teamed with a shirt dress or off the shoulder style.With a higher neckline or a top with ruffles or embellishment, opt instead for earrings.

Jewellery for summer outfits

4. Belts

A belt can take an outfit from "Meh" to "Yes!" in one easy step so if there's one accessory to invest in, this is the one. You know all those floral dresses you have which came with an annoying tie belt that gets twisted up in the badly placed cotton rungs sewn onto the side? Carefully cut those rungs off, ditch the fabric belt (or wind it around your basket bag handle) and add a contrasting leather or elastic weave belt instead - watch that baby elevate! I made the belt pictured below with an old Obi style belt stolen from my mum and a rose hair clip and it instantly updated this dress for Ascot.

Elevate your summer dress with a belt

There's no end to the possibilities that accessories bring to a tired wardrobe. Have a look at yours and see where you can breathe new life into it. Follow me on Instagram @emily_styled or Facebook for more ideas or get in touch below!


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