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How many days a week do you go into your office? And on those days what do you wear? 

At a recent 'Back to Business' event where I presented a style workshop, a common theme emerged - we're not wearing the suits we once relied so heavily on but we don't feel quite right in the more relaxed outfits we wear when we're working from home either. The workwear wardrobe doesn't have any rules anymore and it's causing concern.

So what are we wearing to work in 2024? Since the pandemic and the more relaxed dress codes that followed, we've somewhat lost our way; the term 'smart casual' is thrown out there by employers without much thought about what this actually means. It's a question I'm asked regularly by my clients. For men, the classic chinos, open-neck shirt and blazer combo (dull and unimaginative but a look nevertheless) is a no-brainer, whereas for women 'smart casual' is an unhelpful contradiction that could be anything from jeans and a jacket to a skirt and top or even a dress and heels. As one of the women in my workshop commented, "It was so much easier when we were at school and had to wear a uniform every day!"

Spring workwear look

Firstly, I think perhaps we need to take a step back from the term 'workwear'. Yes, you want an outfit which is work-appropriate and that you feel ready for the day in but more importantly, you should feel comfortable and yet empowered at the same time. Frankly, you should feel no less than your most fabulous self - it's a big ask but after all you're accomplished, you work hard and probably don't get paid enough (or at least not as much as your male counterparts). You deserve to have a hard-working wardrobe you love that you'll be confident presents you as you are today and not the you ten years ago. 


This is what prompted me to put together my new 'Look the Business' package which incorporates the three C's - Cut, Colour and Core pieces to build an empowering and accessible wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider if you're thinking of giving your business look an overhaul:

1. Start off with a few classic pieces you'd associate with a smart business look, for example, a simple white shirt, an elegant pair of trousers in a neutral colour, a blazer and a good pair of boots or loafers. These are your 'anchor' pieces.

2. Rather than throwing all your classic items together and feeling a bit old hat, experiment with contrasting textures or styles. How about well-cut jeans with the shirt, blazer and a pair of flats? Or go for the tailored trousers teamed with box-fresh trainers and a t-shirt and cardigan to offer a more youthful yet stylish look that can also be elevated for the evening with jewellery and heels. 

3. If you're up for adding trends into your work look, consider this season's waistcoat which looks just as good over a long sleeved tee as it does a shirt. Or wear it with a matching jacket to really add polish to jeans and a kitten heel for a fresh contemporary look. 

4. We're coming into bare ankle season so loafers, ballet flats or Mary-Janes (there are so many around this season) can be styled with cropped or cigarette pants and longer skirt lengths without showing too much skin. 

5. Consider colour-blocking a neutral colour such as navy with a more unexpected summer shade like crimson. Or recycle last season's grey with a splash of citrus yellow or cobalt blue. Bright colour stands out in a corporate environment and is a chance to express your personality in a sea of black and white.

Lastly, don't panic! A stylish and effortless working wardrobe is achievable and it doesn't require an enormous budget either. You've juggled, sacrificed and achieved to get to where you are so you should dress the part - now is the time to invest in yourself.

Spring workwear look

Click here to check out my 'Look the Business' package or Contact Me for further details.

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