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How to Organise Your Wardrobe

Imagine a world where there was just one season, no call for coats or jumpers, no need for the dreaded bi-annual task that is the wardrobe swap-over. The warm and dry climes of California or Dubai are tempting at times (mostly when I’m about to leave the salon having just had my hair de-frizzed) but would I want to live with the same weather all year round? Actually no, I wouldn't.

Don’t get me wrong, after six months of drizzle and cold I long for the summer as much as the next person, however quite apart from making my job as a Stylist more interesting, personally I welcome the reset the change of season offers. Here in the UK we get to experience four different seasons, a change of pace and colour, the chance to reconsider how we present ourselves to the world. And while I appreciate that navigating all four seasons in one day (as seems to happen more and more), isn’t ideal, I really enjoy the cleansing ritual a good closet clear out brings - it honestly feels like more of a fun day out than a job to me, such is the satisfaction I get from seeing bags of clothes going off to the charity shop.

Personal Stylist Emily Stott would love to organise your wardrobe

Having said that, a wardrobe which is regularly given attention won’t necessarily involve a giant upheaval of unwanted pieces. It’s certainly true that big lifestyle changes such as a new career path or motherhood may bring about a need to organise your wardrobe but during the in between bits, it’s easy to keep on top of the clothes you've worn through or that no longer feel comfortable. Sometimes, sorting out your new season clothes is a reminder of how often you wore a particular jumper or pair of trousers which then focuses the mind on the kind of thing you might like to invest more in next time. It can be hard to let go of much-loved pieces that hold special memories due to the things you’ve experienced together but on the other hand, when you unearth something you’d forgotten about, something really fabulous you can’t wait to wear again, the relief of having a piece you can throw on at a moment’s notice confident in the knowledge you’ll feel your absolute best, is priceless. I’ve recently swapped over my own wardrobe and when I pulled out an & Other Stories dress I’d guiltily bought to wear out on my last birthday, I quite literally whooped. That dress is going to be worn ragged this winter - when you know you know.

I appreciate it's a task that can feel intimidating but you'll feel better for it ultimately; you should be able to open your wardrobe door and have a clear view of everything you own, not just the pieces you've most recently stuffed back in there. I would love to organise your wardrobe - an objective pair of eyes on your endless pairs of jeans and boots makes it an easier process - fun even - and you'll wish you'd done it sooner.

And as a final thought; you wouldn't leave your fridge or your make-up bag full of items well past their sell-by date, so why do it with your wardrobe?

How to organise your wardrobe


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