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Emily Stott personal stylist south west London

I am a personal stylist, writer and mum based in London and my book Shopped was published in 2016.

I started out as an actress which quickly taught me the importance of image. Although I didn't have much confidence in those days, one thing I did know was how to 'dress the part'. Through trial and error (some of it, painfully embarrassing) and my training as a personal stylist, I discovered how dressing for your shape and wearing the right colours can make all the difference to your confidence and consequently how others see you. We might as well be the best version of ourselves, whatever age, whatever size.

By putting together an accessible wardrobe suitable for your lifestyle and shape, you will save time, money and space. I relish an overstuffed wardrobe and can advise on how to work with what you have, what to do away with (if that's your goal) and what to do with unwanted pieces. However bad you think it's become, I've not only been there myself, I've seen worse! 

Be the loveliest possible you every day.


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